We are a young couple, I: Manuel van den Bovenkamp born and raised in Rotterdam and living for a few years in Kiev, where I met my wife: Yana van den Bovenkamp.

I have had several companies in various things. Since the beginning of 2015 I started this work when I saw some nice things at the flea market, first from a garage and after a few months I moved to a warehouse. After a few months this turned out not to be big enough, and at that moment we decided to cancel Yana's work and move to a large warehouse of 750 m2 and go all out in this trade.
We are always at work, almost day and night and always looking for new trade. We love to search dusty old sheds for nice lamps or furniture. And at the most unexpected moments we often encounter the best things. Often I get completely dirty in my good clothes from a shed for the sake of my wife!

But we do it all for a good cause; we are revitalizing old things, which have the most beautiful characteristics, and we can earn our living with them.
Since a while we also restore lamps. We do this with great pleasure, because what a little work with a lamp can do is unbelievable! We often have the lamps sandblasted and then polished and reassembled by our employee. Often we wire the lights equally and we install a new lamp. We also leave lamps powder coated, this gives a completely different effect to the lamps that are very suitable for a certain audience.

In the past year I have met many great customers, who are all very enthusiastic and passionate about their work, and let's be honest .... It is also a great profession!
Take the time to look through our website, there is undoubtedly something for you! We are looking for lots of stuff on order and have become very creative in this. Are you looking for something that is not on the website? Let us know and we will search.

We are always available via WhatsApp or Viber via our telephone number, do not hesitate to contact us!


Yana and Manuel